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Big News for Colorado Cyclists in the 2022 Legislative Session

As avid, competitive cyclists and Colorado personal injury lawyers with a penchant for representing everyday people injured in bicycle accidents in Colorado, Stuart Mann and Josh Maximon, of Mann & Maximon, are proud to support groups like “Bicycle Colorado”.

Bicycle Colorado is a “nonprofit advocacy organization championing the interests of all bicycle riders statewide”.

According to Bicycle Colorado:

“Last week, our latest Safety Stop effort was presented to the Transportation Legislation Review Committee, which meets between sessions to discuss ideas for transportation-focused bills and solutions. The Committee approved our bill draft by a vote of 12-4, a great first step ahead of the regular legislative session. 

If passed, the bill would allow bicyclists and other small profile, non-motorized road users to treat stop signs as yield signs and red lights as stop signs when the coast is clear and they have the right of way. The Safety Stop has proven benefits for people biking. Recent data out of Delaware, which legalized the maneuver in 2017, showed a 23% drop in crashes between people biking and driving at intersections in the 30 months after adoption, compared to the 30 months prior.”


As passionate cyclists spending a lot of time on two-wheels in Colorado and as personal injury attorneys seeking to enrich the safety and livelihood of people in our communities, we wholly support the Safety Stop Bill.

View a recent article that Colorado Public News published on the subject here.

To learn more about Bicycle Colorado and all the great work they’re doing in Colorado, click here.

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