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Colorado Cyclists can now Legally Roll Through Stop Signs, Red Lights

Mann & Maximon reported on a draft bill in October 2021 (the "Safety Stop" bill) that we were following closely. 

We're proud to report that Gov. Jared Polis will sign the bill into law today. The bill was spearheaded by Bicycle Colorado, a “nonprofit advocacy organization championing the interests of all bicycle riders statewide”, a group that Mann & Maximon proudly supports. 

According to the Denver Post Article:

"In the case of stop signs, cyclists will be required to slow down and yield the right-of-way to vehicular traffic or pedestrians, but they will no longer be required to stop. At red lights, cyclists will be required to stop and yield right-of-way, but they may proceed before the light turns green.

This bill is a critical step in keeping cyclists and other sustainable commuters safe during their rides,” said one of the bill’s sponsors, Rep. Matt Gray D-Broomfield, in a news release. “Adopting the safety stop will decriminalize common-sense behavior for bicyclists and create cohesion between the many communities who currently have different rules and regulations regarding safety stops which causes confusion and dangerous situations for bicyclists.”

Click here for more info from Bicycle Colorado on the bill and what it means for cyclists in Colorado.

Thank you, Bicycle Colorado, for championing the safety rights of Colorado Cyclists, and to Gov. Jared Polis for signing this very important bill into law!