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Boulder Criminal Defense Lawyers

At Mann & Maximon, we develop an individual strategy based upon the unique circumstances of each and every case. Applying years of successful criminal defense expertise, we implement a strategy to achieve optimum results for our clients.

Criminal Defense & Trial cases present a traumatic time in people’s lives. The government is prepared to exercise (or has already exercised) all of its power against an individual to take away his or her liberty. Scared and overwhelmed, a person needs help to understand the context of their current situation and develop a plan for moving forward.

Experienced criminal defense lawyers explain – in terms that are easy to understand – what is happening in any case and what to expect in the future. More importantly, a good criminal defense attorney will spot the weaknesses in the government’s case, safeguard the constitutional rights of the client, and prepare the strongest defense possible. Because every case is different, a unique strategy must be developed to handle each situation.

Mann & Maximon are leading criminal defense and trial attorneys practicing in Boulder, Colorado and serving all of Colorado including Broomfield, Denver, Englewood and the Front Range.

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