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Mann & Maximon Proudly Supports “Cyclists 4 Community”

Not only as avid, competitive cyclists ourselves but also experienced personal injury attorneys, both me and my law partner, Josh Maximon, are very proud to support Cyclists 4 Community or “C4C”, as well as many other local, grassroots organizations.

C4C started in 2013 and is a non-profit organization whose mission statement reads:

“We are responsible cyclists who lead and partner with our communities to develop safety, educational, philanthropic, and social initiatives and programs to create a positive experience for all users of our roads and bikeways.”

C4C serves the community by promoting safe cycling environments while lowering stress for all users on the roads and bikeways through the reduction of incidents. 

As personal injury attorneys representing everyday people who are injured in bicycle accidents, auto accidents, and many other types of injuries, one of the reasons Josh and I are passionate about practicing law is to help deter harmful conduct in our communities. When someone is held responsible for their wrongdoings and is required to provide monetary compensation to those they injured, future, harmful conduct is deterred. This makes everyone safer whether driving, cycling, jogging, taking a walk at lunch, or while on the job. 

C4C takes a similar approach in that its purpose is to make communities’ roadways, bikeways, walkways, etc., safer for everyone. Because of this, C4C is a perfect fit for us as cyclists, Boulderites, and personal injury attorneys, and we’re honored to support their organization by improving the lives of those living in the communities they serve.  

Last week I spoke at the C4C Gala where I reiterated some of these points and how important the work is that C4C is doing. I mentioned that one of the more sobering statistics that we as bicycle accident attorneys are all too familiar with and that is:

“In over 50 % of the bicycle cases we handle, we have had to turn the police around from initial investigations that unfairly blamed the cyclist.  By finding witnesses, performing forensic analysis, and working with reconstruction engineers, we have successfully educated police officers, judges, juries, and insurance companies regarding the rights of our cycling clients, but it is an uphill battle. Cyclists do not have a great reputation, so we need to do a better job of following the rules of the road.”

I reiterated the importance of donating money to grassroots organizations such as C4C, something Josh and I do frequently, and how important groups like this are for our communities.

Additionally, I spoke about the importance of uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage as well as how that can essentially translate to bicycle insurance. Underinsured motorist coverage is something everyone should be aware of, as it can often be the difference between being able to financially recover from an accident or not. 

In closing, we believe everyone should do their part to protect and serve the communities they live in, whether that be as attorneys, cyclists, outdoor enthusiasts, and/or responsible citizens. 

Thank you, C4C, for contributing to this cause. 


-Stuart Mann




Learn more about Cyclists 4 Community here.

About the Author: Stuart Mann is a personal injury attorney based in Boulder, CO, and an active, competitive cyclist. Learn more here.

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