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Stuart Mann and Josh Maximon have aggressively and successfully represented their clients’ best interests by collecting millions of dollars to compensate them for their injuries, damages, and losses. We carefully select cases that match our approach to providing high-quality representation to a very limited number of clients.

In our approach, we assume that your case is going to proceed to trial. In preparing every case for trial, we ensure that insurance companies know we are willing to go the distance, which results in top dollar settlements. We have settled millions of dollars for clients on the courtroom steps. Most cases settle, but if they don’t, Mann and Maximon is ready to beat any insurance company in the courtroom.


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Colin Sullivan
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We Are

  • Client Focused

    Our passion is helping people overcome major challenges. Life-changing events and injuries such as wrongful death, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, disfigurement, and loss of the ability to work and live as they did before the injury or accident require legal expertise. Our unbelievable work ethic and attention to detail make us the right choice for being your personal injury lawyer and handling your personal injury case. Being “client-focused” means that we understand that your case is the only case that is important to you. We limit the number of our clients, to make sure that you feel like your case is the only case in the office.

  • Competitive

    Stuart Mann and Josh Maximon thrive on competition. Winning is the only option, we cannot stand to lose. We are so confident in our abilities that we usually accept Personal Injury Cases on a contingent fee basis. With a contingent fee, you don’t pay anything until and unless you recover from your physical injury. As you may know, sometimes cases are expensive to properly prepare and present for settlement or trial. Mann & Maximon is ready, willing, and able to advance your costs until the conclusion of the case. Sometimes expert witnesses are necessary to strengthen your case or increase your damages. For example, an accident reconstruction expert, economist, rehabilitation expert, orthopedic surgeon, trucking expert, nurse life planner, or some other expert may be necessary. Given this approach, we only handle a limited number of clients at any given time. Your injury, your case, your personal injury lawyer, is all you have when a serious injury occurs. We invite you to meet with us to decide if we are the right choice for you.

  • Accessible

    We maintain an “immediate response” policy to our clients. Our office will address any question or concern that you have at any time. We value the relationships we develop with our clients and our client’s families. Your case, your personal injuries, and how those injuries have impacted your life, family, work, and ability to do the things you love are paramount. We are accessible to you and your family to fully understand your spinal injury, brain injury, wrongful death, or other substantial loss. We are conveniently located at the corner of 9th & Arapahoe in Boulder. We have free parking on site and will meet with you in our beautifully remodeled offices at a mutually acceptable time.

  • Tireless

    We uncover every detail and analyze every angle before obtaining a large settlement or winning verdict. In other words, we will leave no stone unturned in our effort to win your case. Our success in recovering millions of dollars in settlement and verdicts for our clients proves the tireless work and detail we provide to each case. We are the Boulder injury lawyers who will never give up and we will always be in your corner.

  • A boutique firm with big experience

    You will be assigned either Stuart Mann or Josh Maximon as your senior counsel, but both attorneys and the law firm staff will bring to bear their collective strength and experience to handle your case. You will get the best and only the best senior lawyer (Stuart Mann or Josh Maximon) to handle your case. Oftentimes both Josh and Stuart will collaborate on a case given the size and complexity of the injury and damages. If two lawyers work on your case, your contingent fee will not increase. The goal of our firm is to provide you with the largest recovery possible.

  • Involved in our community

    We are involved and invested in the community around us. At Mann and Maximon we believe it is important to strengthen and build community in Boulder and the rest of Colorado. We support the following organizations and teams: