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Injured by a Drunk Driver?

Colorado has a vibrant craft brewing and spirits industry. We also have challenging mountain roads and severe winter weather. When they combine, innocent drivers can suffer catastrophic damages, including traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, as a result of drunk driving. Drunk driving is always a negligent act.

In addition to receiving compensation for your significant injuries, if you have been hurt or severely injured by this kind of reckless negligence, you are entitled to someone being held accountable for their actions.

Drunk driving's devastating effects:

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At Mann & Maximon, our attorneys have extensive experience making sure that the compensation obtained is commensurate with your needs and that justice is served. Our attorneys are skilled trial lawyers with 50 years of combined legal experience in and out of a courtroom. We know how to protect your interests.

Our experience, intensity, and skill as trial attorneys are the keys to our success in obtaining maximum compensation for our clients. Our expertise includes investigating liability and insurance coverage, developing the facts, and pursuing litigation where appropriate. Insurance companies want to minimize their exposure and pay as little as possible on any claim. Without a strong advocate on your side, you may be left with a settlement that is inadequate. Our attorneys ensure you obtain the compensation you need for losses and injuries.

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These cases are complex and may have short deadlines for filing. We offer contingent fee representation and a free initial consultation. With contingency cases, we are paid only when our clients are paid.

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